Memo for Eating Before and After Exercise

Memo for Eating Before and After Exercise

In order to strive for the best performance on the sports field, in addition to exercising day and night, all athletes also do not forget to “internal supplements”, eating a variety of sports drinks, energy bars, and special nutritional supplements that are advertised to enhance the effect after Exercise.

For example, many athletes flock to the protein that has always been thought to be closely related to sports performance . However, until now, no medical research has confirmed the inevitable relationship between the two. Most foods containing high protein: such as meat, but also high in saturated fat , excessive absorption will increase the risk of heart disease , stroke and certain cancers.

If you want to get the ideal health effect, you may wish to pay more attention to your diet before and after exercise. Before exercising, drink two glasses of 8 oz water, and then drink two glasses after exercise. If you want to exercise continuously for more than 30 minutes, try drinking a small amount of water every 15 to 30 minutes while running or resting. Unless you are doing very intense exercise, you don’t need to drink any sports drinks at all.

If you want to eat, remember to do it at least two hours before exercise, because food takes time to digest. Ideal foods before exercise include sandwiches, low-fat cheese and noodles.

If the exercise requires physical exertion, you can eat snacks after exercise to replenish calories. At this time, you can choose carbohydrate- containing foods to supplement muscle tissue? Bananas, biscuits, carrots or low-fat yogurt are better choices. The content of protein and fat should not exceed 15% and 25% respectively.

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