Three Main Errors Of Food Intake

Three Main Errors Of Food Intake

Although eating is an important part of our lives, but not all people are able to eat properly. The three most serious errors in the reception of Food Intake are as follows:

First Error of Food Intake – Eating Quickly

When a person eats quickly, the signals from receptors in the stomach does not have enough time to reach the brain, and the person doesn’t feel saturated. As a result, a person eats twice as much food. So there is a need to be relaxed and slowly chews the food to take the pleasure of eating. By this way of eating you will not lead to obesity. The brain needs time to understand what you have eaten. Therefore, the slow meal intake with chewing food thoroughly will give the brain enough time to get the signal saturation.

Second Error of Food Intake – The inability to focus on right food

In the case when people are consuming their diet with eating other things, the brain is much more difficult to identify about what a person eats. As a result, people are not saturated; produce less endorphin, which is known as the hormone of joy and people do not get pleasure from eating. Also, you should not attempt over the amount of food intake, i.e. the person eats too much and hence not enough to prepare food for further digestion.

People do not stop eating until they are full, and when it ends their occupation starts with working, watching TV or any other activity etc. During a meal when you are fully concentrated on the food, you can postpone it in any case. Only in this case, people will consume food in sufficient quantity to satisfy hunger, volume and small amount of food intake will be beneficial. As a result of thoughtful eating fat will not develop.

Third Error of Food Intake – Absorption of food in Times of Stress

In the state of tension or when you are nervous there is an immediate mobilization which is an evolutionarily developed system in the human body. Then the need for glucose increases dramatically, so a person needs to eat. After a short time, glucose is converted to fat and the person wants to eat again. There is one negative point. After the meal, we are not likely to move for any of the activity and that’s another reason by which obesity develops, and the diseases associated with obesity like diabetes, atherosclerosis, heart attack or stroke.

If in times of stress you want to eat then drink water. But, if you do eat, then provide your body with physical activities and proper exercises. Do not neglect the proper food intake and do not make the alternative of food; treat it with respect!

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