Two Principles of Healthy Eating

Two Principles of Healthy Eating

Many people who seek health and slim body pay special attention to the absorption of calories. Healthy Eating turns out that in addition to the types of food and cooking methods, different eating habits are also the key to the daily intake of calories. Good eating habits can differ by more than 50% in calories than fast fast food, so be careful.

The best ratio of three meals is 4:3:3

The calorie distribution of each meal should be 40% for breakfast, 30% for lunch and dinner. Because breakfast is the first meal of the day, it is necessary to absorb more calories to meet the needs of the body for the day, and the amount of dinner can actually be less than breakfast and lunch, because after dinner, rest and sleep will be carried out, and physical exertion is not large. Easy to absorb too much calories will accumulate at.

More vegetables and less meat.

In the daily diet, the principle of less meat and more vegetables should be taken as the principle. At the same time, attention should be paid to the choice of food. You can choose chicken and fish for meat, and choose oil for vegetables. At the same time, eat more fruits to absorb enough fiber. Suto help digestion, in addition to reduce the absorption of excess heat, but also to maintain good health.

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